The best brand of light-up wheels for quad skates, inline skates, longboards & scooters.

Luminous is a perfect combination between the latest LED technology and a top quality, high performance polyurethane.

With Luminous wheels, skating at night is more fun and safer for everyone. Thanks to the high visibility, people can spot you from far away and look at you with a huge smile on their face watching the bright colors under your feet as you skate.

Luminous products were introduced in 2014 and the brand was created in 2018 by Sebastien Laffargue and Greg Pinto. As champion skaters themselves, they were better situated to know what you need to skate in the best conditions and have the greatest glide experience as possible. With their experience, they have created top tier products fueled by the passion and love for roller sports.

They made a commitment to provide the best LED technology and polyurethane quality available, with brighter lights and a larger choice of colors. Also, the hubs and spacers have been improved and redesigned to fit better with the wheels for the best rolling performance.

Thanks to Luminous, now you can enjoy the best riding experience while rolling the streets of your town all night long, going to your favorite rink, and maybe even during your Roller Derby training. Then, when it’s time to go home, you can skate safer with your light-up wheels while taking in the lights of your city. An illuminated ride provides the perfect ending to a wonderful night.

When choosing your wheels, you are likely to find a style that suits your needs and light up your way. As you’ll see, Luminous offers a wide variety of colors including glitter and glow options for your skates, longboard, and even scooter. So take a look and see what we’ve got...

Luminous Quad Wheels

Among many available colors, you will find your favorite one
to illuminate the stage with your dancing tricks,
or to leave your own line of light for your night rides. You’ll really enjoy seeing the ground light up
with your Luminous wheels. Check the complete collection!

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Luminous Inline Wheels

Skating at night has never been as cool or as safe.
Freeride inline skaters, experienced or beginners, everyone will be happy with our wide range of light-up wheels. The choice is yours.

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Luminous Longboard Wheels

Now available for Longboards! Check the complete collection and find your favorite color.

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Luminous Scooters

Fun and safe way to ride your scooter, thanks to light up Luminous wheels. Available in various sizes and colors.

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Luminous Accessories

Find Luminous branded apparel, or replacement parts for your Luminous Wheels.

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